About Grove

Born from old-fashioned Missouri innovation and forward thinking

Grove Construction was born from old-fashioned Missouri innovation and forward thinking, a tradition we proudly follow today. When Frederick Grove first started construction business development in 1949, he was questioned by fellow mid-Missouri builders for using an innovative new material: plywood.

Grove Construction invests in continuing education to stay on the forefront of the rapidly changing marketplace. Our ability to combine years of experience and deep rooted community ties with professional, new age applications has put us in an excellent position for success. We live our tag line: The Future of Construction.

The use of innovation and dedicated hard work means Grove Construction will complete a professional project that is delivered on-time and within budget. We pride ourselves in being responsive and driven so that clients can realize their project goals. Grove Construction is built on a solid foundation and we continue to grow.

Your Columbia
Construction Company

Starting a new venture or expanding and existing business can be intimidating.

From finding the right location, hiring the right design team, finding the most economical solutions to meet a tight budget and hiring qualified subcontractors to the and building codes and required inspections.

It is no wonder many feel overwhelmed by the prospect of building their ideas into brick and mortar. Let Grove Construction help.